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22 Nov

Access Error


    We currently CAN NOT confirm that you have properly logged into the Customer+Center application. Users must login into the Customer+Center and allow a web-browser security "cookie" to be set before you can access this page. This cookie only exists while you are logged into the Customer+Center application and is used to provide secure access to your support information. That user security "cookie" has not been properly set.

    Possible reasons and solutions to resolve this problem include:

    • Your browser cookie settings are not properly allowing our Customer+Center security "cookies" to be set. This is configured with Internet Explorer under Tools.. Internet Options...Privacy Tab. Try resetting your browser cookie settings and re-logging into the support site.

    • Bookmarked a page within the Customer+Center application - Pages within the Customer+Center application can not be bookmarked for security reasons. You must first log in before you can access any page within the Customer+Center application. One should only bookmark the first Customer+Center login page.

    Please note: All attempts to access pages or cases that you do not have access to maybe monitored and reported to the Web+Center web site administrator.

    Please contact the Web+Center administrator if you obtained this error page with normal operations.

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