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22 Nov

Finding your MPSI number

Finding your MPSI number

Where is this magic number? This magic number will be in one of these two locations:
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Location 1 - Full Color Disc Labels:

Turn the CD over (so you're looking at the shiny side) and look inside the inner ring. See all those letters and numbers? Somewhere in there will be a number such as "106-MPSI00125-00". Please tell us the numbers immediately following the letters "MPSI" (in this example, MPSI00125). If we need any of the other numbers or letters, we'll ask you for them in our response.

The picture below shows the MPSI numbers on two actual CD-ROMs:

Picture of 2 CDs with the MPSI pointed out

Location 2 - Black and White (Silver) Disc Labels:

Somewhere on the face of the CD you will see the "compact disc" logo OR the "DVD" logo. The MPSI number will be located below or beside this logo. Please tell us the numbers that follow the letters "MPSI."

The pictures below shows an example of MPSI numbers on an actual CD-ROMs:


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