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Installation or Running Problems
ID: 16697
Date Created: 09/15/2011
Last Modified: 09/15/2011
* Platform: PC
* Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)
If you have a problem installing or running any software. Please try the following:

1. Start
2. Go to "My Computer" folder
3. Right click on the CD/DVD drive and then click "open" in the drop down menu.
4. Contents of the CD should be visible from there.
5. Open the folder called INSTALL (If no such folder exists, skip this step)
6. From there run the application or exe file

*NOTE* - A lot of times the file is just called "setup". But it could also be called "setup32", "Install", "Installer", or even something else such as the name of the program, or letters abbreviating it.

7. After installation right click on the icon and click "Open file location" from the menu that appears. (Icon either on Desktop or Start Menu)
8. Then a new window will open and run the "Application" file program from the folder.

You can also place that file on your desktop for easy access. Just right click on the program icon then go to "Send to" then click "Desktop".

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