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My program will no longer run on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
ID: 27
Date Created: 08/17/2011
Last Modified: 08/17/2011
* Platform: Mac
With the introduction of Lion (OS 10.7), Apple has discontinued PowerPC support through Rosetta. If you purchased a title that was compatible with earlier versions of OS X and recently upgraded to Lion, you may discover the program no longer works. Unfortunately, because this problem is directly related to Apple's choice to abandon PowerPC and Rosetta support, we cannot take responsibility for this incompatibility.

However, we are in the process of testing our titles for OS 10.7 (Lion) compatibility. Software titles that pass our QA will be updated for Lion. If the software program you purchased meets this criteria and you have proof of purchase of the software title dated 2011, you are eligible to receive a free update. Otherwise, please check with your reseller about their refund policy.

Although Selectsoft has made an effort to update their packaging to clarify which versions of OS X are supported, some titles published between 2002-2008 may state "OS X and above”. These packages do not reflect the recent changes made by Apple to OS X. Please check with your reseller first before attempting to purchase a title for use on Lion.

Thank You.

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