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Windows 7, Vista, & XP Troubleshooting Guide
ID: 28
Date Created: 08/17/2011
Last Modified: 08/17/2011
* Platform: PC
Here are some tips that you should try before submitting a ticket.

1. First check the Operating System supported. The most up-to-date system requirements are found on our website type in the title name in the "search" field. Once you find your title, click on the link and check the "Operating System". If it says Windows 7 (32-bit), please click here to find out if you have a 64-bit or 32 bit operating system.

2. Also check the minimum system requirements at the bottom of the title page. Please be sure that your system meets the requirements needed for the program.

A. Run the program in Compatibility Mode / Admin Mode.
A1. Right-click the icon that runs the program
A2. Select properties, then click on the Compatibility Tab
A3. Check the box that says "Run this program in compatibility mode"
A4. Choose Windows XP or 98
A5. Choose run as Admin (at the bottom)
A6. Click Apply, Click OK, then Run the program

B. Update your Computer Drivers
B1. On Win7/Vista, click the Windows menu icon, then in search box type: devmgmt.msc and enter. (For XP, Click Start, then Run, and type into the Open box).
B2. Click the triangle (or +) to display the hardware components
B3. Right click on the devices and select “Update Driver Software”
B4. Select the first option (Search Automatically)
B5. Repeat for all hardware components (most importantly Display adapters, Other Devices, Sound, video and game controllers)

C. Update your Windows with Windows Update (Win 7 & Vista)
C1. Go to the start menu (window icon)
C2. Click All programs
C3. Select Windows Update
C4. Run the updates

D. Update your DirectX Drivers.
D1. For Windows XP update to DirectX9:
D2. Open DirectX Diagnostic Tool by clicking the Start button or the Windows icon, typing dxdiag in the Search box, and then press ENTER.
D3. Depending on your graphics card for Windows 7, you can also try to download DirectX 11.

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