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I have been instructed by the support staff to create a system information report. How do I do this? Why is it useful?
ID: 791
Date Created: 12/16/2003
Last Modified: 12/16/2003
This report is useful because it's as close as we can get to actually looking at your system in person. The report will have information about all programs running (and therefore possibly conflicting), what drivers are loaded and their versions, what hardware devices you have hooked up, etc. If there is any personal information in the report (extremely unlikely, as the tools used are strictly for technical support use), we will remove it.

To make your report, it only takes saving a file from two programs. Just follow the steps below:

(Before starting, please configure your system as it would be when you start the program. i.e. Hook up your joystick(s) that you would normally use and make sure they're calibrated, Quit everything you would normally quit before playing, etc.)

The easiest way to get the information to us would be by attaching 2 files (one at a time) to your support case:

1) Go to Start -> Run... and type "msinfo32". Once it's done, go to File -> Save... and save the .nfo file to someplace you'll be able to find it again momentarily. You can then close this tool.

2) Go to Start -> Run... and type "dxdiag". If it pops up a box asking about checking your drivers, tell it yes (you'll need to be online for that step, I believe). Once it finishes, you will be able to click "Save All Information...". Put this file where you put the previous one. (We slightly prefer the XML format to the Text format, if you get the choice in your Save box.) You can now exit this tool, as well.

(If you have a zipping utility such as DropZip, PKZip, or WinZip, now would be a good time to zip the two files into one zip.)

Now, log in to our support site and view your case. In the upper right of the case view pane (near the case number), you will see a link reading "Attach File to Case". (Click the right hand side link.)

You can only attach one file at a time to your case (hence the zipping step if you did it). So, if you did not make a zip file, first put up the .nfo file, then go back to the Attach page and put up the DirectX report.

This should have all the information we would be needing.

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