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Welcome to Selectsoft Windows PC & Mac Support

Please note: We only support end users that reside in the USA and Canada. We don't support users who reside in other countries. Selectsoft® is one of the largest independent publishers of licensed educational, productivity, and family entertainment software from top brand-name publishers. We select the BEST of software and PRICE it RIGHT!
 Top FAQs for Windows PC & Mac 
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5. OSX Classic mode no longer supported.
6. Britannica Sudoku Unlimited never loads.
7. I cannot view the help file for my program
8. DK titles-Error message: [1058]sound compression software not installed properly
9. Requires at least 3MB of virtual memory error fix.
10. Patch for Sudoku Mania!
11. Aqua Park Tycoon v1.0 from Mac App Store crashes and will no longer play